Putting a stop to the hardship while it's still small-scale…
In the easiest and most natural way! With an abundance of warmth 
and lots of love…
For more than 30 years, Yad B'Yad has been giving very young children (aged 3½ to 7) who grow up in a difficult reality day after day, the warmth and love, the education, and the support essential to every child's development. So why did we choose to start with these children at such a tender age?
Because time is not on their side – nor on our side! Because the modification and upbringing that can be acquired at the age of 4 are no longer possible at the age of 10 – once the violent behavior and other disorders arising from the tremendous want have been fixed in their souls and have become a way of life.
Our small children, who from birth encounter violence and danger everywhere – at home, on the street, and also in the school system, discover a different path when they come to us – a good and proper path, and one that is even more effective. They take that profound and so very important understanding with them for the rest of their lives.
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