About Shelly Hoshen

Ms. Shelly Hoshen, founder and president of Yad B’Yad, has
been running the Association on a voluntary basis for over 30 years. Born in Bulgaria, she came to Israel in 1948, served as an officer in the IDF, completed her B.A in Psychology and for many years worked in counseling and on Early Age projects.

In 1982, Shelly Hoshen decided to dedicate all her time to helping young children and their parents of weak socio-economic groups in Israeli society and thus founded the Yad B’Yad Association. In time the Association’s activities expanded to include a variety of projects offering help and support to the disadvantaged.

With her impressive and energetic personality, Shelly Hoshen managed to attract volunteers and donors, top professionals and important personalities from all over the world.

For its extensive and much needed work, the Association and its president, Shelly Hoshen, have received many awards including: the President’s Volunteering Award; the Prime Minister’s Office Certificate of Merit; the Knesset’s Volunteering Award; the Lion’s Woman of the Year in Volunteering; the Bnai Brith Volunteering Award; the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Outstanding Volunteer Award.

The daily work of the Yad B’Yad Association is made possible due the generous and most welcome support of volunteers, donors, friends and public figures in Israel and overseas.

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